OPTIONiQ Products

OPTIONiQ has a wide array of financial products designed to help clients diversify risk capital. The products offered are listed below:

Options on Index Futures (Weekly, Serial, Quarterly, End-Of-Month)
The OPTIONiQ Trading System provides recommendations regarding options on Stock Market Index Futures. Stock Market Index Futures Contracts were introduced by the Kansas City Board of Trade on February 24, 1982 and are very actively traded in today's marketplace.

Options on Stock Market Index Futures are similar to listed share options and have many of the same potential benefits and risks. However, there are important differences between the two. One difference is that there is much greater leverage inherent with options on futures. The other main difference is the potential ability to profit from (losses may also occur), or hedge against, over-all stock market volatility, as opposed to changes in individual share prices.

The options that OPTIONiQ recommends for U.S. customers is the S&P 500™. This index futures contract trades in quarterly cycles, in the following months: March, June, September, and December. The option series associated with the respective "futures" contracts are the individual months, e.g. January, February, & March for the "March Future", April, May & June for the "June Future", etc. OPTIONiQ also offers weekly options that expire every Friday.